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Macro limit excceded! You can safely apply the layout, but not all of your macros are guaranteed to work.
Memory usage excceded! Some of your macros might not work. Usually the macros in L3 will stop working. Based on my testing, out of range key settings seem to work just fine.
  • Programming Tool for Vortex CORE Such Core, Much Programming

    MPC firmware Manual

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    • Added a custom binary generation procedure (The "Custom" Button).
      • Please let me know which one works or doesn't work for you on Github
    • Macro editor update
      • Now it is possible to create macro from keybinding window.
      • Added experimental keys to macros.
      • Added buttons to quickly set all key event intervals in a macro.
    • Minor fixes and changes:
      • Updated keys with more descriptive labels
      • Allows more keys to be changed: Fn can now be swapped with other modifiers
      • Fixed the size of macro buttons in Firefox
      • Added a memory usage indicator

    Frequently asked questions

    • How do I apply my layout?
    • Do I keep my layout if I flash the MPC firmware?
    • My left space key acts like a Fn modifier after I flashed the firmware.
    • What's different in MPC firmware?
    • Can I rebind Fn + M, <, > and Shift?
    • What is ?
    • What is ?

    This project is NOT affiliated with, funded, or in any way associated with Vortexgear with the exception of following:
    Binary format is designed by Vortexgear.
    MPC firmware and manual is provided and hosted by Vortexgear.

  • You can bind macros in Key Settings.
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    Fn Layer:

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This key can only be a modifier. {{currentKeyLayerPrefix}} + {{ keyDef[binding_key].name }}
If you change this key, it will lose the ability to {{ unbindableDesc(currentKeyDefault) }}. If you set this key as a modifier, pn/fn/fn1 layers on this key might not work. {{currentKeyLayerPrefix}} + {{ keyDef[binding_key].name }}
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You can drag each key event to change its order.